Cathy-Irons-Commercial-2So, many moons ago as a kid, I had the great fortune of going to see live theater in Los Angeles with my parents. I loved the grandeur and most importantly the connection I felt with the actors and how they could transform me. Transformed to being inspired to right a wrong, or just to laugh at the insane, simplicity of life. I also liked getting a Shirley Temple at the swanky bar at intermission, very neat.

I kinda see this life as a series of events… Like going from Little House on the Prairie’s, Nelly Olsen’s shenanigans (and Pa always crying at some point) to As Good As It Gets, Melvin, with his biting charm and ultimate loving spirit. Series of events, all wrapped up at the end with a nice little bow.

Being on set with Maureen O’Hara (her last film, The Last Dance), was enchanting. And getting my SAG card by being cast in Traffic, magical. Steven Soderbergh’s shot setups were nothing short of stealthy.

With that said, for me, there is a distinct cause to being an actor and responsibility to myself to keep going. Yep, that sounds a tad weighty… Yet, some of the best times of my life have been on set. Great memories and friendships. Kids’ special need causes and my two delightful, rescue pups keep me inspired and grounded too. Life is good.